About ChangemakerZ Portal - A cloud based app for marketers

About the

Portal ^-^

ChangemakerZ Portal is a cloud based web app provided by ChangemakerZ and powered by IBN Cloud.

It gives access to advertisers, podcast guests, marketing integrators, and team members access to website analytics, visitors behaviour and podcast performance.

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person having fun on a cafe while he is sharing his favorite Genzers to rise podcast
google search console analytics dashboard


Podcast Performance


Episode Performance


Visitors & Listeners Data visualization


editing a video on video editing program
team's meeting for company's marketing strategy and goals
advertisement placement on street and on websites
analytics visualization dashboard

What about you ?

This service is made by and for marketers. More and more collaborators were asking for these features.

If you have worked with ChangemakerZ, you are eligible to request access on the program. Just sign up from below..

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GenZers to rise!
genzers to rise podcast on spotify
Spotify API
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podcaster and guests during podcast recording
Episode guests
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